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Blue Lagoon Advisors is the platform by which Blue Lagoon’s partners, Rod and Kevin, provide advisory services to: entrepreneurs, technology venture CEOs, CTO’s and other C-level executives across sales, operations and finance.


Is my technology defendable and effectively insulated from competitive threat? What is my best path to scale? How do I balance investments in direct sales versus channel sales? Should I be in this market? Should I be in this business? When is the right time to raise my next round of capital? Can I raise my next round of capital? How do I develop this customer or channel partner as my potential acquirer? Should I take this thing public? Can I take this thing public?


These questions represent just a few of the things that go through a leader’s head on a daily basis as they are starting up and building technology companies.


Blue Lagoon’s partners are battle-tested venture-growth entrepreneurs, operators and investors for 20+ years through multiple economic cycles, with inarguable results. From building and scaling a start-from-scratch Unicorn (a venture-backed start-up that reaches a $1 billion value) in Virtustream, through multiple large-scale acquisitions and integrations at Adjoined, Kanbay and Greensmith, through to our own acquirer’s being acquired-- we have seen just about everything in the venture-growth technology space and have learned from both our mistakes and successes.


Our passion is to share these experiences and the resulting advice with venture growth entrepreneurs/operators who are in the trenches today building their companies that we have a vested interest in.

“I’ve found being a venture-backed, technology start-up CEO is sort of the opposite of being an airline pilot; it’s hours of terror interrupted by seconds of boredom.” - Rodney Rogers

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